Text 2 Group Pro App Reviews

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Update spoilt everything

Groups are no longer being automatically imported. So what does this app bring if it cant import you groups for you to text

Needs to be a stock app

Must have for organizing teams

Great app

Should have this app no matter what. Great app to have handy.

Lacks instructions

Works alright but its almost impossible to get answers to questions. There is no user manual to speak of. What info they have is not easy to find.

Good Text2Group

This is a good app not only to text but email too. Only problem is selection from contact list, should discriminate and always keep individual selected contact from the list so not to reselect every time..

Great app

Makes my life easier. I dont have pull names our numbers every time I have to text to more than one person. I just creat groups and thats it.

The only one I know of...

The only one I know of...that can let you create groups that sync perfectly with icloud contacts. A must have imho.

Well done

Does what it says it will do. Saves time. Great app!


Does EXACTLY what I wanted! No problems at all and EASY to use! Thanks!

Trainer Joe

I used this app successfully for several years but I recently updated it and lost all of my groups in the process. I reach out for help multiple times and got none. I was totally ignored.

Great app

It is so useful to send a group text.

Family Group Leader

I was able to send a "bcc" text with no problems.

Keeps things organized

I have many groups to stay in contact with. Family, friends and work to name a few. This app from its beginning has helped me contact these groups with a few selections and to remember important birthdays as well

Just Right

App is just what I needed. Works great. Follow the directions and it does what it says. Love it.


So far so good. Easy to use.


This app will not allow you to send photos in group texts. Worked fine until iOS was released. Wrote to company about issue, but never heard back. I guess once they have your money, customers are forgotten.

Does what it is supposed to do

Love it with no reservations


It is very easy to construct a group and then communicate with the group as individual texts to all.


Great app especially when texting mass groups!


I paid. I put in all my students phone numbers and info. I made a group and proceeded to send a group text, but no icon or button to send! All I could do was to cancel. If any one can HELP, that would be nice. Otherwise, this totally sucks

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